Sean Innerst on John Paul II and Evangelization

October 19, 2021

Dr. Sean Innerst, Dean of the Augustine Institute Graduate School of Theology, joins Dr. Tim Gray on the Augustine Institute Show. Dr. Innerst and Dr. Gray discuss John Paul II's vision for the New Evangelization. Dr. Innerst further explains what is new about the New Evangelization, John Paul II's influential visit to Denver in 1993, and the spirituality of John Paul II's papacy.

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Meet Our Guest

Sean Innerst

Sean Innerst is the academic dean of the Augustine Institute and has been teaching theology, evangelization, and catechesis to seminarians; college students; Christ in the City Missionaries; FOCUS missionaries; graduate students; DREs and DEs; deacon candidates; and catechists and regular folks in many parishes and dioceses for over twenty-five years. He helped found two important Catholic institutions in Denver: St. John Vianney Theological Seminary, as founding provost, and the Augustine Institute, as its founding academic dean.

He has given hundreds of presentations, written many articles, and contributed to a number of books, primarily on the topics of evangelization, catechetical content and methodology, matrimony, and St. Augustine, but also on Marian and other theological themes, as well as on the topics of classical education, friendship, and Church magisterial documents.  He is the author of Pillars: A Journey Through the Catechism and From Blessing to Blessing: The Catechism as a Journey of Faith (both from Ascension Press) and the four-part series Ladder of Ascent, a two-year course on the Catechism of the Catholic used in a number of dioceses in the U.S.

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