Dr. Lillian Hendricks on Mental Health

January 19, 2021

How do we approach mental health from a Catholic perspective? Dr. Tim Gray welcomes guest Dr. Lillian Hendricks, Clinical Psychologist, to the Augustine Institute Show. Dr. Hendricks work aims to heal the whole person from a Catholic perspective. With the mental health impact of COVID-19, Dr. Hendricks introduces The Sanctuary Course for Catholics, a program designed to start conversions about mental health.

Learn more about the Sanctuary Course for Catholics on FORMED.

Meet Our Guest

Lillian Henricks

Dr. Lillian Henricks is a clinical psychologist licensed to practice in Colorado and Virginia. Her previous theological and philosophical studies, along with her doctoral studies at The Institute for the Psychological (now part of Divine Mercy University) support her integrated understanding of the human person.  

She currently works in private practice while also supporting students and families in schools. Lillian has experience working at a community mental health center and Catholic Charities in the diocese of Arlilngton, Virginia. She has also been part of psychological assessments in the annulment process. Lillian specializes in work with individuals as well as couples and families. She has a particular interest in helping spouses become therapeutic agents for one another and parents become therapeutic agents for their children, through both psychoeducation and the practical application of skills in these relationships.

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