Kendra Tierney on Prayer in the Domestic Church

Too busy to pray? Join this week's guest Kendra Tierney on the Augustine Institute Show as she gives insight into the domestic Church and daily prayer. Kendra is a mother to ten children ranging from ages 1-19. Early in their marriage, Kendra and her husband decided to dive deeper into Catholicism to give their children a rich faith life. Kendra discovered the beauty of the Church's tradition in liturgical seasons that led her to develop Catholic All Year, a program that guides Catholics and their families through the Church calendar. In this episode, Kendra teaches viewers how to use the Catholic All Year Companion and the Catholic All Year Compendium. She also discusses what a domestic Church is, how to have a daily prayer life as a busy Catholic, and how to get your children excited to pray.

Meet Our Guest

Kendra Tierney

Kendra Tierney is a wife, a mother of ten children, and an enthusiastic amateur experimenter in the domestic arts. She writes the award-winning blog Catholic All Year, is a regular contributor to Blessed Is She Ministries, and is the voice of liturgical living at Endow Ministries. She is the author of The Catholic All Year Compendium and The Catholic All Year Prayer Companion.

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