Dr. Karin Öberg on Faith and Science

June 15, 2021

Dr. Tim Gray welcomes Dr. Karin Öberg on the Augustine Institute Show to discuss faith and science. Dr. Öberg is an adult convert to the Catholic faith and discovered God through her love of learning. As an astrochemist, she has been transformed by the beauty of God in creation and is open about her faith in her profession. In this episode, Dr. Öberg and Dr. Gray discuss the many Catholic figures in the field of science as well as how God and his mighty works are explained by science.

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Meet Our Guest

Karin Öberg

Karin Ingegerd Öberg (born August 27, 1982) is a Swedish astrochemist. She is a Professor of Astronomy at Harvard University and leader of the Öberg Astrochemistry Group at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

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