Jim Wahlberg on Addiction, Recovery, and Hope

October 26, 2021

Dr. Ben Akers fills in for Dr. Tim Gray to welcome James (Jim) Wahlberg on this week's episode of the Augustine Institute Show. James Wahlberg tells his story of addiction from a young age, finding faith in prison, and meeting Mother Theresa. Read his book The Big Hustle to learn more about his story.

Meet Our Guest

Jim Wahlberg

James Wahlberg is the Executive Director of the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation and has been working in and around the field of addiction recovery for nearly 30 years. Jim’s personal experiences with recovery and commitment to his faith led him to create a number of short films on the topic of addiction, including recently released “What About the Kids” and the critically acclaimed ‘If Only’ that that has been shown to hundreds of thousands of people nationwide in venues ranging in size from classrooms to arenas. He recently released his memoir, “The Big Hustle: A Boston Street Kid’s Story of Addiction and Redemption.” The Spirit continues to guide Jim in his journey of recovery and to help others find hope in an often seemingly hopeless situation. He and his family are active members of St. Bernadette Parish in Hollywood, Florida.

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