Jim Prothro on the Acts of the Apostles

April 26, 2022

Join Dr. Tim Gray and Dr. Jim Prothro as they discuss the Acts of the Apostles.

Meet Our Guest

Jim Prothro

Dr. Jim Prothro is an assistant professor of Theology and Sacred Scripture at the Augustine Institute. He has taught a wide range of topics, especially in the New Testament, and holds degrees in biblical languages, in classical Greek and Latin, and in theology. He began teaching at the Augustine Institute in 2020. Most of his academic writing focuses on the letters and thought of the Apostle Paul and on the ancient Greek language, in which Paul wrote. Dr. Prothro is also engaged in thinking and writing about the doctrine of biblical inspiration and how it helps us understand what the Bible is and how to read it for all its worth. He is currently finishing three books, two on the Apostle Paul as well as a biblical-theological study of penance and reconciliation.

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