Elizabeth Zelasko - A Study on Catholic Art

October 12, 2021

Elizabeth Zelasko joins the Augustine Institute Show with Dr. Tim Gray to lead a study on Catholic iconography. Elizabeth is trained in Russian Orthodox iconography and has created several commissioned pieces for the Augustine Institute. Catholic iconography differs from other forms of religious art in its style, symbolism, and theology. Elizabeth gives insight into her process and prayer of creating an icon.

Meet Our Guest

Elizabeth Zelasko

Elizabeth studied fine art at The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan before attending the Prosopon School of Iconology where she studied traditional Russian Orthodox iconography. She moved to Denver to finish her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, graduating as valedictorian of her class. Elizabeth works with Catholic publishers and institutions, creating commissioned pieces. She gives talks on the theological aspects and material processes of writing a traditional icon. Elizabeth also creates privately commissioned icons, paintings, and drawings. View Elizabeth's work:

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