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September 21, 2021

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The Augustine Institute Show with Dr. Tim Gray

The Augustine Institute Show with Tim Gray is a weekly Catholic talk show that brings the truth and beauty of the gospel to Catholics all over the world. The show joins a collection of innovative and robust programming to the Augustine Institute’s collection of resources that have served the faithful for more than 15 years. Recognized as one of the premier apostolates in the new evangelization, it continues to expand its reach with new and compelling programming.

The show broadcasts live on FORMED each Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. EST. On Demand recordings are available on this site, FORMED, and the Augustine Institute YouTube channel each Friday following the live broadcast.

Meet Tim Gray

Tim  Gray is president of the Augustine institute and a well-known Catholic speaker and author.  Under Dr. Gray’s leadership, the Augustine Institute has established the largest catholic graduate school of theology in the country, and has created best-selling programs including: Symbolon, a comprehensive program of faith formation for adults; The Search, a celebrated evangelization series, and FORMED, a digital platform with a vast array of catholic films, eBooks, and audio talks; and Signs of Grace, a sacramental preparation program for children. They are currently also developing a comprehensive catholic curriculum for students in grades kindergarten through high school.  

Dr. Gray Has a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Catholic University of America, and is the author of several books including Peter: Keys To Following Jesus and Praying Scripture For A Change: An Introduction To Lectio Divina.

Tim and his wife Kris live in Littleton, Colorado.  

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