When can I watch the show live?

You can watch the show live every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. Eastern time on FORMED.

How can I see past episodes?

Recent episodes are accessed from our main page by clicking “Recent”. All past episodes are available on our YouTube channel.

What is FORMED?

FORMED is a digital platform with trustworthy Catholic movies, children’s programs, ebooks, audio talks, and children’s programs. It helps parishes, families and individuals explore their faith anywhere, anytime. An initiative of the Augustine Institute and Ignatius Press, FORMED has content from more than 75 content partners.

Do I need a subscription to watch the show live on FORMED?

FORMED is a subscription-based platform.It’s likely that your parish has a subscription in which case you don’t need to pay for a subscription. You can just check here by entering the name of your parish. If your parish doesn’t have a subscription, you can try it out for free for 7 days or sign up for an individual subscription for just $9.99 per month!

How is this show different from FORMEDNow!?

FORMED Now! is a pre-recorded show that is broadcast each weekday on FORMED, and is hosted byDr. Ben Akers, Associate Professor of Theology at the Augustine Institute. TheAugustine Institute Show is hosted by Dr. Tim Gray. You may find Dr. Gray jumping into the studio to host the occasional episode FORMED Now!

How do I ask a question during the live show?

Just post your question in the comments feed under the streaming episode on FORMED.

How do I learn more about the Augustine Institute Graduate School of Theology?

Contact our admissions team at – or visit our admissions page.

How can I get in touch with Dr. Gray?

Complete our contact form and we will make sure it’s reviewed by our team in the Office of thePresident.